Accommodation possibilities offered by Naamisuvanto

Naamisuvanto offers its guest high standards of accommodation. Homestay and various cottages are in the immediate surroundings of our resort. Valkea Arctic holiday village, which offers hotel stay, is located about 15 min drive from our resort. When booking, you can indicate which of these options you would like to stay in during your fishing trip.

The salmon cellar at Naamisuvanto, where you can store your fish, as well as a place to process your fish, are available for all customers of our Fishing Resort.


We offer cottages of different sizes which are all well equipped. Each cottage has kitchen, sauna and living room.

Home stay

A room inside the resort includes a refrigerator and television. Building’s ground floor is entirely for guest use. In addition, there are common facilities which include for example toilet, sauna, shower and kitchen.


Valkea Arctic Holiday Village is located in Mount Ritavaara, 20km from Naamisuvanto resort. It offers quality modern and equipped facilities.